[AfriAm-Carter] heave your darling night times

Lyle Dale campaigningnp75 at pascom.de
Wed Apr 22 16:23:29 EDT 2009

me um we didnt have disney games when i was five

one of my resolutions for 2009 was to stop ignoring the etsy shop and to not spin my wheels all day (these two problems are very related) i am the queen of walking in circles around the house and not really getting anything accomplished i wouldnt care except for that it drives me nuts part of the problem is my insomniatic nights which leave me only half there during the day times ( which then leads to high caffeine consumption) so i decided step one is to get good nights sleeps i am trying to change my night time routine to a peaceful herbal tea quiet inspiration seeking few hours it helps if i keep our room clean and the sheets freshly washed and calming reading more- tv less- at night is a goal then hopefully my days will be a little more with it because i hate wasting time

refined sugar will be your enemy till you die

i love all the sweet artistically talented bloggers that offer free downloads around holidays for us readers 

it made me happy

i know some people dont love the whole valentines thing but it is so fun to me i dont care if the greeting card company made it up- any day where i get to be pretty treated with sweetness have a declicious dinner and some romance is right on in my book

what do you look for in a best friend

just a phone call one night she had an aneurysm and although this was a surprise of the worst kind it was the most spiritual time of my life much good and understanding has come through that loss

all kits are shipped phew

but the pattern is still available

i swear nothing makes me happier than a peaceful space and some needles 

1 make stuff  knit 2 april 3 fond of 4 Crochet Stack 5 noon  8 6 layering 7 7mos 8 afternoon 9 sleepy mama 10 waiting for me 11 Theres only one captain on this boat 12 Very Special Scarves 13 Michelle Williams ♥ 14 new drawing corner 15 the other side 16 Untitled 17 pride and joy 18 steven alan imitation 19 atthestove 20 Untitled 21 film207 22 hi 23 Working 24 Lashes 25 s t i l l  morning quiet time 26 anthem for a 17 year-old girl 27 Untitled 28 reasons for staying 29 Untitled 30 book girl 31 Untitled 32 ships ahoy 33 juk box 34  35 grapefruit & new curtains 36 gams

i am determined

i went to the fabric store tonight in search of prints to make some new spring scarves with some will probably end up in the shop too i just love this look also i love toast (the catalog and the cooked bread)

i have been laying in bed sick since monday it seems to be getting worse by the day not better i am so irritated and antsy i miss my family and i want to clean my house 

snacks NUTS i would die without nuts i love roasted almonds cashews peanuts i also love those roasted edamame they taste like nuts even though theyre not and nuts taste really good with a few slices of swiss cheese also deli meat slices celery with peanut butter on it a few whole grain crackers with cheese beef jerky sugar free snack packs stuffed mushrooms hard boiled eggs string cheese protein bars crudites and more NUTS 

i never thought life would then take me to utah to attend byu and then off to serve as a missionary for a year and a half but it did and it was hardest most surprising most rewarding experience of my life

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