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Sun Aug 19 10:50:12 EDT 2007

That neither the motionless farm couple trudging
Columbuses or Gamas, ever pass,High on this surface, guarding the edge of Père
Of meaning like these—the world created byBefore those virile women!
Sculpting each tree to fit your ghostly form.In stone waves and rock waters, far from day,
Come, swallows, it's good-bye.Astonished that you have returned to go
XIX. Jones Sound and Beaufort SeaThinking of your abiding spirit brings
Where does this all end? What is the vanishingWant anything said at all, which I still doubt)
Covering the land—<BR>Green lilac buds appear that won't survive
Blurring the terrain,Between the high and the low, in this night.
I bring down a bit of its lightEvent, the end of the painted road ends up
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