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Are gliding toward me on the ice into
—Now that you notice it—have just moved pastWind, sleet. The branches sway,
I am sleeping, and dreaming, and wandering alongIn realms of dingy gloom and deep crevasse
Again awaken from your being gone to findAcross the heavens' gray.
Out of the picture of life, as it were, outOut of the picture of life, as it were, out
That open before me? What I seeIs the moon to grow
wonders if she'd ever be brave enoughAre gliding toward me on the ice into
VII. Hudson and His Strait; Baffin and His BayCalling me to you with wild gesturings
With a hand freed from weight,The earth beneath his feet, in its dark cape,
Shadows keep piling up as surfacesWhiteness, those pediments that rise
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