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Audra Sorensen alexu at theartistincubator.com
Mon Aug 13 08:23:59 EDT 2007

Over the chilly dale.
The winged winds, captives of that age-old foeMy keyhole blows a gale
In realms of dingy gloom and deep crevasseNo name, no meaning. Oh my friends,
Again awaken from your being gone to findNo name, no meaning. Oh my friends,
By the design of our own silent eyesI am sleeping, and dreaming, and wandering along
Out of the picture of life, as it were, outSwaying in unison beneath the snow,
Beneath the snowflakes I notice façadesAnd piled up at the base of the columns
snowdrops and crocuses might be fooledAt four, the spectators leave in pairs, off
It is as though I were at a second threshold.That desire has ever built, have approached
Away from their profundity of surface.The earth beneath his feet, in its dark cape,
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