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Melody McGriff mmcgriff at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 29 20:39:09 EDT 2003

Thank you for your reply.  The Carter's that I am looking for are the 

Daniel Adam Carter (my maternal grandfather) born April 2, 1883 in 
Walterboro, SC; died Dec 1950 in Lake Wales, FL. He had a sister, whose 
name was Geneva and a brother named John.  There may have been other 
siblings but these are the only names that I have.  I am not aware of 
his parents names.  For some reason(s), he left Walterboro as a young 
adult to seldom to return.

State: South Carolina

County:  Colleton

Search Years Span:  My grandfather has been a very difficult search. 
 The only information that I have found on him is info that was included 
in the Levy Co., FL, 1917-18 Civilian Draft Registration where he and my 
grandmother Alice Rover-Carter was listed living in Montbrook, FL. 
 Although, I know for sure that he died December 1950, there are no 
death records nor does the Vital Statistic Ofc in Jacksonville, FL, show 
any records.

Brickwall:   I am for sure at a brickwall and have been there for more 
than 5 years.

Resources to Share:  I wish that I had resources that I could share with 
the list group at this time but hope in the future information will be 
forthcoming that I will be able to share and exchange.  

Resources Needed: I am definitely in need of resources and welcome any 
suggestions that will aid me in my search.  Most important, I do so look 
forward to connecting with other Carter family members, who may be 
connected to my branch.

Thank you.

Melody McGriff

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