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What CARTER Are You Searching?

Descendents of Edward 'Ed' (b. 1877) and Henrie/Henry (b. 1843) Carter; and 
their children are as follows: 

Acklea William 'Bill' b. 1907
Irene (Thelma) b. 1910
Howard b. 1913
Dorothy b. 1917
George b. 1918
Edward b. ?
James b. 1922

Descendents of Dave (b. 1842) and Rebecca (b.1858) Carter; their children are 
as follows:

Emma b. Jan 1882
James b. Apr 1884
Mary D. and Charles (twins) b. Dec 1887
Winnie V. b. Mar 1889
Clifton b. Jul 1891
Ester L. b. Jan 1894
Dawsey b. Apr 1896

Descendents of George (b. 1822) and Bettie Elizabeth Hilman (b.1824) Carter; 
their children are as follows (less two other children living outside the 

Henry b. Dec 1872
Sallie b. Jun 1879
John H. b. Mar 1885
Lizzie b. Jul 1882




Counties of interest are as follows:  HOUSTON, STEWART, DOVER, and 
CLARKSVILLE; and any surrounding counties.

Search Years Span?

1822 - 1922

Resources to Share?

 - Houston Cnty Census Records related to Carters listed above: 1870, 1880, 
 - Houston County Historical Society (Published 1989) listing Carters listed 
 - Houston County Historical Society (Published 1995) listing 'Aunt' Betty 
Carter who
   lived to be approximately 115-years-old
 - Court records verifying the amount (no names listed) of slaves owned by 
   Belfield Carter

Resources Needed?

Anything and everything related to Carter descendents listed above.

In addition, George and Bettie Carter may have had a descendent, who served 
in WWI, and was an amputi and may have lived in one of the counties listed 
above.  If this vague description sounds familiar, please respond.

L. Carter-Perry
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