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 Order Number: W291626053Ordered on Apr 09, 2012
Bill toMathew Washington474 E Airport RdUrbana IL 61802-7407(815)985-7396 Ship toMathew Washington474 E Airport RdUrbana IL 61802-7407(815)985-7396

Items in Your Order

MBP 17/2.4/2X2GB/750/SD/HR-GLSY-USA$2,499.001$2,499.00
		Ships within 24 hours
Delivers Apr 11 - Apr 12 by Next Day Shipping
Part Number: MD311LL/A

Part Number: SHIPPINGG

Estimated Tax$157.88
Order Total$2,683.88

Frequently Asked Questions
When will I get my items?You will see a 'Delivers' estimate below each item, which reflects when your items are expected to arrive at your shipping address. Once your item ships from our warehouse, you will receive a Shipment Notification email with carrier and tracking information.If you ordered multiple items, you may receive separate shipments with no additional shipping charges.How do I view or change my order?Visit online Order Status to view the most up-to-date status and make changes to your order.  For more information about shipping, changing your order, or returns, please visit online Help.You can also call Apple Store Customer Service at 1-800-676-2775, Mon-Fri 5 a.m. - 8 p.m., Sat-Sun 7 a.m. - 4 p.m PT. Please have your Order Number available.


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