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and make a show of normality. But I noticed that they were doing little
artillery officer, just as whether or not a flower-bed shall get another
as piquantly as none but a Frenchwoman can. Her only son, who was
A familiar scene, but with a new meaning when the time is one of war.
American Revolution, that one American could whip two Englishmen
around Luneville. Our knowledge of the war is from glimpses through
aroused to the kind of insane passion which war kindles in human
A gigantic hammer-head sweeps through the air and breaks a steel
A traveller's view I had of Germany in the early period of the war; but I
A short, sturdy nun of about sixty years answered cheerily and
and the worshippers might feast their eyes on it as they said their
adding, as he drew their chairs under a tree: "You permit me, then,
are particular about their guests in time of peace. No British family
archness. "I suspect John of being seriously smitten by the lady."
across her one evening in the dining-room of the Beaurivage at
Armentieres line. The French divisions to the north were suffering no
air of Paris by wafts blown above old walls on quiet streets; and as
arrange some bags of bullets with dynamite charges on a wire, which
and polishes human edges; the same fellowship of a world apart.
As the plugman swung the breech open I had in mind a giant

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