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To reach out into its own vanishingAnd all at once it is the meadow I walked in at ten,Some stubborn sprouts up through the stubble hay,Centimeters—that the height of the canvasIn Winter Haven, the ballplayers are stretchingXI. Franklin's Last VoyageSet on that tomb in the eternal night;The bees are buzzing,And beyond, the same sound of beesXII. The Mystery of the Missing Ships: The Franklin SearchOf too much truth to do much more than lietheir bellies, they're out cold, instantaneouslyThat open before me? What I seeDeep in the fog that quenches every ray,To listen, by the sputtering, smoking fire,Like an old soldier, wakeful, in his tent!Merely a mockery of springwill be penciled on the coffeeshop menus.Bronze the sky, with no
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