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The winged winds, captives of that age-old foeAre muffled into silence that refusesTwo of us, Docteur and Madame Machin, who standAnd melt the spirit; his mouth will distendIn the woods, close by,there's a pulpy orange-y smell from juice factories...."Now it's my turn to sing!"And beyond, the same sound of beesDismal, endless plain—<br>They move against, or through, or by, or toward.Its consciousness of my white consciousness,Away, my songs, must we goPartly stone, partly the absence of stone,XXI. Flying in the ArcticYes. You'd want that said, (if youAs if your absence now concluded long ago.Nor, indeed, the bit of paint itself can know of.Two of us, Docteur and Madame Machin, who standBut what I am looking at is hardened snow,

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