[Afri-Butler] Three Steps to the Software You Need at the Prices You Want

Lane Carter kanns at sabond.com
Sat Jul 7 16:05:43 EDT 2007

Just-released-Best-Selling-software Jul 06 00:43:38 MSK 2007


Adobe_Software          usd$
Photoshop CS3 Extended  89
Acrobat 8 Pro           79
Flash CS3 Pro           59
Premiere 2.0            59
Photoshop CS2 v9        69
Creative Suite CS3      269
Creative Suite CS2      149
Illustrator CS2         59
Acrobat 3D              59
After Effects CS3       69
Dreamweaver CS3         59
Contribute CS3          39
Encore DVD 2.0          49
Fireworks CS3           59
InDesign CS3            79

Office 2007 Enterprise  79
Vista Business Edition  79
Vista Ultimate Edition  89
Windows XP Pro +SP2     49
Office2OO3 w/Cont. Mgr  69
Office XP Pro           49
MS Visual Studio NET    129
2003 Enterprise Server  69
Exchange Serv 2003 Ent. 59
Money 2007              39

Autodesk Autocad 2008   129
Symantec Norton 360     29
Nero 7 Premium          39
Macromedia Studio 8     99
Quickbooks 2006 Premier 69
Corel Grafix Suite X3   59
McAfee Internet Sec. 7  29
Norton Antivirus Corp.  29
Cakewalk SONAR 6 Prod   69
Avid Liquid Pro 7       69
Quark XPress Passport 7 69
Roxio Toast 8 Titanium  39
Sony ACID Pro 6         59
Sony Sound Forge 9      49

Acrobat 8 Pro           79
Creative Suite 2 Prem   149
Photoshop CS2           69
Dreamweaver 8           49
Flash Pro 8             49
Studio MX 2004          69
Roxio Toast 8 Titanium  39
Steinberg Cubase SX 2   39


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then on to the Mogok country. At Mogok Buck had been seized with a
"Now I must tell you what I heard," said Ingmar. "It seemed to me
"No, _madame_," I answered, trying to release my arm from her clasp.
away from them."
it, and these, too, flared up with a shrill crackle of snapping canes
as Elizabeth half expected Mr. Bingley to do, he was able to
whirling in quick cascades, ice-free, among the rocks of its narrow
need a bite to eat. He did not go in, however, for he was afraid to
being shouted.  "They are coming!" bawled a policeman, hammering at
alarmed. She, who was usually so happy and light of heart, now
beautiful Garden of Paradise where she had lived all winter, and go
has she condescended to give me her opinion (unasked too!) on
receiving so direct a reproach; though, as it was no more than
soon.  Mrs. Bennet could certainly spare you for another
knowledge of music, singing, drawing, dancing, and the modern
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appearance, but immensely strong.
let fly with his right fist. The Kachin was clearly no boxer, for
put up her hand, and said in that hard, dry voice in which deaf
brooch, Brita sent her home with several pounds of rye meal. The
say, three -- very silly sisters.  We shall have no peace at
"Ellen!" shrieked a woman in the crowd, with tears in her
thereby at an end, Elizabeth soon afterwards left the room.
plaster of the ceiling came down upon us, smashing into a multitude of
never be.  For to-morrow we shall turn back toward St. Boniface again,
one was either standing at the roadside in their Sunday clothes or

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