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When Arctic winds crack down from CanadaTo a higher level of appearance.The edge of that other square cut from the rightVII. Hudson and His Strait; Baffin and His BayThe ordinary, wide scene which beginsSilence. Your way of being. Your way of seeingClose at the end of distance the two ChoseEvent, the end of the painted road ends upI've drifted somewhat from the distant heartAllowing me to let your picture form and wakeAnd Mère Chose's square of world, even as theySeems reflected in the infinite of the lamps.The earth beneath his feet, in its dark cape,Astonished that you have returned to goI bring down a bit of its lightthe foul pole relaxes. She's raged all afternoonIs the moon to grow(Our fortitude grows dim inFrom which, thanks to symmetry,

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