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and the Splendid Splinter. For a few dreamy dollars,
As it sits there like an eventualThat images of roads, whether composed
II. List of Franklin Search PartiesV. The Dutch in the Arctic
With sun's warmth wasted on a stone,The ordinary, wide scene which begins
Calling me to you with wild gesturingsPierced by the mist that fades away,
High on this surface, guarding the edge of PèreFigures of light and dark, these two are walking
Empty streets I come upon by chance,What? What can you do?
V. The Dutch in the ArcticBut snow has gathered there, has piled up,
When Arctic winds crack down from CanadaAppear to lift up from the lake;
Clear-voiced despite its years, strong, eloquent—Or else, like us, sunk into some long gaze
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