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Your Interactive Guide: Essential Steps for Beginners - cont.

Posting Your First Queries On The Web

Always include in your query the following: name, location, and dates (estimate if you donít know) and any other useful information such as how to contact you. Listed below is a good example of a query:

  • Seeking living descendants and information on Andrew James (born 1901) and his wife, Elizabeth Thornton who left Greene County, Georgia around 1930 and moved to Detroit. They lived near a place called Shady Grove in Greene County. Elizabethís maiden name was possibly Riley. Would also appreciate any contact with Rileys or Thorntons from that area.

Finding the Key Websites for Genealogical Research

There are many, many websites that relate to genealogy. Some are more useful than others, and rather than doing a general search, we suggest that you follow the links on this site. Continue to download and print out useful information to file in your three-ring binder. Also create a separate list to place in your three-ring binder. This will form your Internet directory of website addresses and e-mail addresses, just in case your computer crashes.

Find A Good Genealogy Library

You will need to know which major libraries are on the web, including those that exist in the state where you live as well as the state that you are researching. Your exploration on should have produced a good list of libraries in your state of research. Now you want to find out about other genealogy libraries that might be helpful to you. Some of these sites have introductory courses that will also be helpful. (Note the selected libraries are used as examples of the types of information that you will find on library websites.)


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